While she is new to this field, April is excited for this learning opportunity! She feels her experience in customer service will come in handy when interacting with our patients and making sure they have a memorable time in our office, whether scheduling appointments or welcoming people with a warm smile. April loves meeting new people and always looks forward to seeing their smiles after they have finished treatment!

April is new to Colorado and absolutely in love with this beautiful state! She has been married for 24 years and have 3 teenage children. She has a tremendous passion for animals which led her to a long history of rescuing dogs. April feels that if she could give just one dog a better life, she would feel like a better person for it. April is new to the practice but she said she absolutely loves coming to work! She can see how Dr. Kurt truly cares for all of his patients. He makes sure they are all taken care of and leave the office knowing that. His staff is the best of them all and she said she is extremely blessed to be a new addition to the team!