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Early habits like thumb sucking can influence your child’s dental development. We utilize the Bluegrass Roller, a simple and effective tool, to gently discourage this habit and guide the growth of their teeth and jaw. This early intervention can minimize the need for more extensive orthodontic treatment in the future.

what is the bluegrass roller?

The Bluegrass Roller is a clever and straightforward device designed to address prolonged thumb sucking. While thumb sucking is a normal and harmless behavior in infants and young children, it can lead to orthodontic issues if it persists beyond the age of four. These issues may include an open bite, which could require significant treatment later on. Preventing prolonged thumb sucking after the age of four is crucial to avoiding such problems, and the Bluegrass Roller offers a simple and effective solution that is child-friendly and minimally disruptive.

how does the bluegrass roller work?

The Bluegrass Roller is a smart and highly effective appliance, despite its simplicity. It comprises two metal bands connected to the back molars, which are attached to a metal frame running along the roof of the mouth. Positioned just behind the front teeth, at the front of this metal frame, there is a small acrylic roller that moves freely along the frame. Importantly, neither the frame nor the roller comes into contact with the roof of the mouth, ensuring comfort for the wearer.

The appliance serves two primary functions. First, it obstructs thumb sucking by creating an obstacle in the path where a child’s thumb would typically rest. This transforms a once-comforting behavior into something uncomfortable and challenging. However, it is important to note that habit appliances designed to prevent thumb sucking can cause issues if they merely remove a child’s coping mechanism without providing an alternative. In such cases, children may react negatively as they struggle to cope without their previous comforting habit.

The Bluegrass Roller overcomes this challenge by offering a substitute behavior. Instead of thumb sucking, the appliance encourages the child to engage their tongue in flicking and rolling the roller. This serves as a distraction from the old habit of thumb sucking and provides a new coping mechanism. The Bluegrass Roller allows children to retrain themselves away from thumb sucking without completely depriving them of a vital coping mechanism. Therefore, it is a preferred option for children who require assistance in breaking the thumb-sucking habit.

learn more about bluegrass roller treatment

At Niepraschk Orthodontics, we utilize Bluegrass Rollers and other early habit intervention strategies to help children quit thumb sucking without discomfort. Our approach aims to guide them away from maladaptive habits and safeguard their dental development. If you have further questions about the Bluegrass Roller or if you believe your child may need assistance in giving up thumb sucking, our office is ready to assist you. Please call us at 303-978-1316 or schedule a free consultation. We will work together to create a comprehensive treatment plan and ensure optimal dental development for your child!

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