Laser Gingivectomy

Laser Gingivectomy Near Ken Caryl, Colorado

what is laser gingivectomy?

Laser gingivectomy is a procedure aimed at removing infected gum tissue around a specific tooth or group of teeth in order to prevent the progression of disease. It is considered as a safe and viable option when other treatments like antibiotics or antiseptic rinses fail to alleviate inflamed gums.

Additionally, laser gingivectomy can be utilized for cosmetic purposes, such as altering the appearance of teeth to make them appear taller or wider, as well as addressing a gummy smile.

how much does laser gingivectomy treatment cost?

The cost of laser gingivectomy treatment depends largely on the extent of the required procedure, which varies from patient to patient. However, dental insurance or dental financing options can make the cost of treatment more affordable.

how is laser gingivectomy administered?

To ensure patient comfort, a topical anesthesia is applied near the gums prior to the procedure. During treatment, a low-frequency laser is used to remove gum tissue around or between the teeth. Using laser technology minimizes bleeding, pain, and discomfort following the procedure. Additionally, laser gingivectomy promotes faster healing and reduces the risk of infection compared to traditional surgical gingivectomy.

when will i notice results from my laser gingivectomy?

Results from a laser gingivectomy become noticeable soon after the procedure. Patients may experience minor gum irritation or soreness, which can be managed with over-the-counter pain medications. Your orthodontist will provide instructions regarding dietary restrictions and recommended oral hygiene practices following the procedure.

are my laser gingivectomy results permanent?

The results of a laser gingivectomy can be maintained as long as proper oral hygiene habits are upheld. Regular brushing two to three times a day, daily flossing, and mouthwash rinses help prevent the buildup of plaque, a major contributor to gum disease.

In terms of aesthetics, laser gingivectomy can improve the appearance of a gummy smile. If further treatment is required, your orthodontist can offer personalized recommendations based on individual needs.

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